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Food covers
Food covers
Food covers

Food covers

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Set of 6 silicone food covers.

Our food covers are stretchable and will easily fit most bowls, pots, mugs, containers, cups, cans and jars.

They are leak-proof, airtight and can be used to store fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, meats, leftovers and liquids. 

Extra small food cover = 6.5 cm diameter
Small food cover = 9.5 cm diameter
Medium food cover = 11.5 cm diameter
Large food cover = 14.5 cm diameter
Extra large food cover = 16.5 cm diameter
Super large food cover =20.5 cm cm diameter

The food covers are BPA/BPB free, plastic-free and completely non-toxic so you can feel good about using them as an alternative to plastic and aluminium wrap. They are safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.