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Reusable Glass Water Bottle set by Sol
Sol glass water bottle gift set
Green sol water bottle gift set
Reusable Glass Water Bottle set by Sol
Reusable Glass Water Bottle set by Sol

Reusable Glass Water Bottle set by Sol

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Beautiful SoL Bottles all come with their handy SoL Hemp Pouch and Signature cleaning brush.

They hold 850ml and are not dishwasher safe. Please only use the Brush to safely clean your hand-blown glass bottle.

Available in 4 colours: Elegant White Wave, Deep Green Sea, Basalt Black and Coastal Cream

White wave - Prim and proper, she will keep you grounded and always focused! Wave is sophisticated, to the point, and has nothing to hide! She will let you know exactly what she thinks, ready to inspire you to speak your mind!

Deep sea green - She’s calming, soothing and in touch with nature. Count on her to be your best friend through thick and thin. Take her with you on hikes, bush walks, camping or any spontaneous adventure! She is there to guide you through it all.

Basalt Black - The boss of all bottles. She’s sophisticated, powerful and your new Girl Boss hero. Feel empowered, strong and ready to take on the world! Basalt has your back, and has your beverage, what else do you need!

Coastal Cream - Your Sunday sleep in #SoLmate. She is guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy, she’s calming and warm, like pancakes on a sunday morning , she gives you everything you need to feel perfectly at home. Coastal makes you feel like everything is going to be alright, and it will!

Stay Hydrate Everyone :)