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Microfibre facecloth
Makeup cloth
Makeup removing cloth
Microfibre makeup removing cloth
Makeup removing cloth

Reusable Makeup Remover 💄

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Farewell, makeup wipes for good with a thorough cleansing solution that removes even the toughest of makeup. 

The Good Stuff

The likes of makeup wipes are not only really bad for the environment but are bad for your skin. Often formulated with harsh, skin-stripping chemicals, these wipes rarely remove makeup properly and do not compost or recycle. 

Compact, gentle, and incredibly effective, our Reusable Makeup Remover pads are created from microfibre that removes makeup trapped deep into your pores while being super gentle on your skin. 

Once you’ve finished removing your makeup, simply wash and reuse for up to 100 washes. 

Eco Warrior Wins 

  • One microfibre makeup remover equates to at least 100 makeup wipes which is a huge saving to the environment and your skin