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Lunchbox Single DEEP
Lunchbox Single DEEP
Lunchbox Single DEEP

Lunchbox Single DEEP

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This SS lunchbox is designed for a single meal lunch or any meal. Single tier DEEP size container with a set of clips and a small rectangle container inside. You could also use for takeaway sushi (could fit 16pcs) or other takeaway food.

It's a perfect size for an adult lunchbox. You can use a small rectangle container for fruit, crackers or some bakings.

Quality to last for years:

Premium quality with sturdy construction using 100% food-grade stainless steel 304.

This product is free of BPA, lead, toxins, and harmful phthaletes. 

Convenient size:

At 18cmx13cm, and 7.5cm in height, it can take 1300ml of food (way bigger than standard takeaway containers) + 250ml (rectangle container)

Weight: 355g + 125g (rectangle container)

Dishwasher safe:

Safety clean this container using a top rack in your dishwasher. Not for use in microwave.

These lunchboxes are almost hand made by women in India. They use quite old fashioned machinery and a lot of processes are done by hand.

Therefore sometimes they have slight imperfections such as tiny scratches and dents. Uniquesness to the individual piece, just like hand-blown glassware or handmade ceramics. We do check each lunchbox before we ship to make sure they are functional. If there are some functions faults, please do let me know, we can look into further.