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Kids Bamboo Tooth Brush: White/Black
Kids Bamboo Tooth Brush: White/Black
Kids Bamboo Tooth Brush: White/Black

Kids Bamboo Tooth Brush: White/Black

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Start and finish your little one’s busy day by cleaning your teeth with a 100% plastic-free toothbrush. 

Stronger and harder than wood, our Bamboo Toothbrushes offer a durable and ergonomic brush whilst its high-quality nylon bristles give you the thorough clean, they deserve. 

The Good Stuff
Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a small change with a big environmental impact! Switching from a regular plastic toothbrush supports the fight against landfill and plastic making its way into our oceans.

Our Bamboo Toothbrushes use a high-quality nylon to deliver a soft yet effective brush that is gentle on your gums and tough on stains.

Eco Warrior Wins

  • Joining the Bamboo Brushing movement, you’re contributing to a plastic-free future
  • Receive your toothbrush in plastic-free, zero waste packaging for a minimal carbon footprint
  • After removing your brush bristles, your toothbrush can be composted! 

How To Use
Exactly the same as you’d use your regular toothbrush. Wet your bristles before applying your toothpaste of choice and get brushing!

Storage + Care Instructions
There’s no need to dry the handle after use, just rinse your toothbrush and put back into its holder - just like you would with any other toothbrush!