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Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutlery Set

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutlery Set 

ECO-FRIENDLY: Say no to single-use plastic! Bring your own bamboo cutlery set everywhere you go. Reduce your plastic waste and help preserve our planet.

NON-TOXIC: No need to worry about BPA and other chemicals. This pocket cutlery set is 100% natural.

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: The lightweight jute pouch keeps the four utensils together and is easy to carry. This travel cutlery set is perfect for on-the-go.

DURABLE: Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, making this wooden cutlery set reliable and long-lasting.

REUSABLE: The eco-friendly flatware set can be put in the dishwasher and reused many times. The utensils are also compostable, so they won't end up polluting the environment.

Global Overuse of Single-Use Plastic

Worldwide reliance on single-use plastic packaging is polluting our planet. 
The convenience of disposable plastic products has created a 'throwaway culture' that spreads to every corner of the world. 

Single-use plastic cutlery is one of the highest contributors to plastic pollution. 

Store Eco Friendly bamboo cutlery set is a sustainable solution to this growing issue as they are lightweight enough to be taken 
anywhere, but also durable to withstand continued use.

Give up single-use plastic, without giving up convenience.

The bamboo cutlery set includes

* A 20-cm bamboo fork 
* A 20-cm bamboo knife with a serrated blade 
* A 20-cm bamboo spoon 
* A 20-cm bamboo straw 
* A cleaning brush 
* A convenient jute pouch 

Great for * The office 
* Picnics 
* Travelling 
* Camping 
* Meals on the go 
* Festivals and Food Markets 

Why Bamboo? * Bambaw's eco-friendly flatware set is made of 100% untreated bamboo 

* Bamboo is a sustainable, fast-growing grass 
* Bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties, making it ideal for reusable cutlery 
* The strength of bamboo makes the travel cutlery set resilient and durable 
The wooden cutlery set is dishwasher safe, still we recommend to hand wash them for a longer lifetime.

A simple solution to plastic pollution.

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