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Stainless steel pegs
No rust pegs
Stainless pegs

Stainless Pegs (no rust) by Caliwoods

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Made from the highest quality stainless steel, CaliWood Clothing Pegs are are weather and salt resistance, with a no-rust guarantee.


The Good Stuff

CaliWood Clothing Pegs are made from Marine-Grade steel which mean they’re designed to withstand all of the elements with zero chance of rust! This includes high sulphur and high chlorine environments. 

Small yet might strong, CaliWood Clothing Pegs can comfortably hold the likes of jeans, sheets, pants to light clothing. 

CaliWoods Clothing Pegs are 6cm high x 3cm on the 'squeeze part'. We added in thickness, to 0.2cm, so they are long-lasting and back this durability up with a 10-year guarantee.

Eco Warrior Wins

  • The ultimate eco and money saver. You won’t need to repurchase plastic pegs again!

Storage + Care Instructions

If you live in a coastal location, we recommend rinsing your pegs every few weeks. This will prevent salt build-up and extend their lifespan


Stainless steel 316