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Reusable baking mat
Reusable baking mat
Reusable baking mat
Reusable baking mat

Reusable baking mat

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Did you know that you can replace baking paper when using your oven? Yes! Crafted from food grade silicone, our Reusable Baking Matts are an absolute must-have in your kitchen.


The Good Stuff
Start reaching for silicone baking matts instead of baking paper when using your oven. 

These 100% food grade silicone matts can be used in the oven, on top of a baking tray or as a workstation when kneading dough or rolling pastry.

They are dishwasher safe and can withstand heat up to 200 Celsius. 

Thanks to their non-stick surface, they are incredibly easy to clean and prepare for their next use.


Eco Warrior Wins
When cared for correctly, your baking matts will last for years! This saves not only money but unnecessary use of baking paper and aluminium foil. 



  • 40cm x 30cm

  • Avoid using matts when cutting