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Tea Daily Positive Affirmations
Tea Daily Positive Affirmations

Tea Daily Positive Affirmations

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Daily affirmation in a cuppa. 

The PositiviTeas™ range is a beautiful collection of single-serve Tea Bags, specially created for gift giving for your daily reminder with positive affirmations.

You can also choose to give as a gift for an individual card or include it with our Gift Sets range

Lovingly encased within a printed card, you'll find a compostable, plastic-free Tea Bag, filled with the finest premium, organic tea from Charity Tea™.

PositiviTeas "You Are..." Collection

This isn't just a Tea Bag.  It's a card, it's a gift, it's an experience!

  • Premium, whole leaf, organic, ethically sourced tea from Charity Tea™
  • Compostable, plastic-free tea bag
  • Hygienically, individually packed in home-compostable, plastic-free 'Natureflex™' packaging

PositiviTeas™ Affirmation words "You are" Range :

  • “You are loved”  (Peachy, organic Peach Honeybush)

  • “You are special”  (Royal, organic Earl Grey)

  • “You are strong”   (Jazz, organic Green Tea with Jasmine)

  • “You are amazing” (Kawa, organic Kawakawa Lemon & Ginger)

  • “You are enough” (Good Morning, organic English Breakfast)