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Food Plastic Wrap
Food Plastic Wrap
Food Plastic Wrap
Food Plastic Wrap

Compostable Cling Wraps 30m. by Compostic

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Ready for cling wrap that breaks down quicker than an orange peel?

Third-party tested and certified home compostable, Compostic Wrap will keep your food as fresh as ever with no environmental compromise. Simply wrap, store and compost!


The Good Stuff

Uniquely crafted using three biopolymers, including plant waste not fit for consumption, Compostic’s Compostable Cling Wrap gives you the convenience of fresh-sealing cling wrap without the impact on the planet. 

Certified non-toxic, your cling wrap will compost within 12-24 weeks and is suitable for at-home worm farms. 

Wrap is freezer safe, microwave safe and keeps food fresh as normal. 


Eco Warrior Wins 


  • 100% home compostable 
  • Worm-farm friendly 
  • Non-GMO
  • Packaging features soy-based ink 


    33cm x 30m