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Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush
Wooden Hair Brush

Bamboo Hairbrush

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Bamboo Hairbrush by CaliWoods

Tame your mane with an entirely plastic-free and biodegradable hairbrush by CaliWoods

Handcrafted from ethically grown materials, these stylish and comfortable brushes feel as amazing as they look!

The Good Stuff
The bristles and elegant body are made from bamboo while the cushioning is made from natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic rubber.

Unlike plastic brushes that can cause static and breakage, bamboo brushes don’t have the same effect! This means smoother, pain-free brushing that tames fly-aways and combats tangles for good. 

Its rounded bristle tips stimulate your scalp as you brush to promote shiner and healthier looking hair. 


Eco Warrior Wins

  • At end of life, your brush can be composted as natural rubber and bamboo are biodegradable. We recommend breaking into small pieces to assist the composting process

  • These beauties are handcrafted from bamboo and natural rubber making them 100% plastic-free

  • Crafted from one of the world’s most sustainable materials that requires zero chemicals to grow

The Details:

  • 22.5cm x 7cm x 3cm

  • 65g per brush

  • Made only from Bamboo and Natural Rubber