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Which suits you better: stick deodorant vs spray deodorant?

The spring is here and the sun is out. Especially after two lockdowns, your desire to go out and do some fun activities is higher than ever. However, the sun is out also meaning that ugly sweat is back as well and don’t let this destroy your fun times. When it comes to deodorant choices, it really comes down to personal preferences. Let’s do a quick comparison to see if the one you choose is suitable for you.

Application: Deodorant Spray is the winner in this round as it can dry quickly, giving you an instant effect. Literally,  10 seconds and then you are ready to get out of the door and smell nice and fresh while the stick will take you a while to glide them around your armpits. However, this also causes a problem with spray deodorant that creates a cloud of fragrance flying in the air that bothers others.

Versatility: With spray deodorant, you can use them for all the body parts that produce sweat  as it doesn't physically touch your skin to be applied while with stick one, it would be a mentally hygienic problem when having the same stick for your armpit and feet. Therefore, I would say spray deodorant is the so-called winner for this round.

Coverage: Though Spray can give you a quick application but because it is spray so it is likely that it won’t be able to give your armpits or sweating area a full coverage while on the other hand, the stick one would do the job perfectly.

Marks: Deodorant spray dries instantly after application so they won’t leave behind any marks like the stick one does on your white shirts. So no washing hassle. Yayy!

Travel: If you are a travel avid, stick deodorant stick would be your go-to option as it is one of the few options that is allowed to carry in your hand luggage. Nothing is worse than staying in a long flight with the smell of sweaty armpits that might embarrass you and bother others.

Safety: The side effect of using spray deodorant is the residue chemical substances flying in the air after application that it is likely for you to inhale some of them. Long periods of inhaling these substances can lead to breathing difficulties or other respiratory problems.

I hope you would find what candidate would be the better choice to say the last goodbye for your unwanted smelly sweat. If you are interested in getting the stick deodorants, let me give you a hand. Store Eco Friendly offers 8 different eco-friendly packaged stick deodorant. Proudly made in New Zealand and supplied by local business.

We are on a mission to help you with getting one step further in your eco journey while supporting other small local businesses. Shop with us and show your support to the earth and local businesses. 

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