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What’s in your bag?

Plastic is not only a worldwide product that is popular for its convenience but it is also infamous for being a massive factor contributing to polluting water, clogging rivers, choking thousands of birds and marine animals. With this infamousness, there is a strong public pressure to become eco-friendly consumers and businesses to look for alternatives material. It requires people to prepare themselves with things to say no to single-use products. In this series of what’s in your bag, we will explore different items become a must-have to carry in your bag to avoid any unnecessary waste. Each week in July, we will recommend a different product that would be helpful. This week star is reusable cutlery.


Plastic cutlery is everywhere! Whenever you visit restaurants or fast-food stores, you will see heaps of them. Since there are so many, once a plastic single-use cutlery accidentally drops on the floor, the next place it would be will be the bin without even be used or anything. Because of these reasons, billions of plastic cutlery are wasted with so many of them are not even been used even a single time in its life. It is alarming. To stop people producing it, we need to stop demanding it. And to stop demanding it, we need an alternative. Reusable cutlery is a one-time solution to this problem.


Reusable cutlery is normally made from stainless steel and bamboo, which makes it durable to use in a long period of time, unlike the plastic one that easily breaks within minutes. Plus, plastic contains heaps of chemical substances that are not healthy for your body. These substances can be indirectly consumed into your body when using plastic cutlery. Also, bringing a set of cutlery by yourself means you won’t have to rely on people on giving you plastic cutlery to be able to enjoy your dishes. Remember times when the delivery guys forget to give you cutlery and you have to drive back and ask for them. Those days are long gone with the reusable cutlery.


Bring cutlery requires an effort to form a new habit, but it wouldn’t be too difficult and different than bringing sunglasses and mugs with you and your bag. In most cases, they are quite light so they won’t be much of a hassle to carry in your handbag around.


Storeecofriendly provides two different colours cutlery set made from bamboo that includes knife, fork, spoon, straw, chopsticks. Perfect for any kind of food and beverage you are having when going out with friends or simply just to enjoy your lunch at work. They are made from bamboo so super ethically friendly to the environment and definitely last you longer than the plastic cutlery ones.

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