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Sandwich Bags : More than one.

Sandwich – a common dish that Kiwis have tried at least one time in their entire and easily made one for themselves. There are so many different ways to make a DIY sandwich. The sandwich is one of the dishes I and my friends had the most throughout our schooling lives because it is easy to fast. As long as you have to slides of bread, or even one then cut it into half, and add whatever you want in between two slides and wrap them up. You have got a so-called sandwich within 3 -5 minutes, which will be your lunch for the day. You normally put your sandwiches in a plastic bag. This course of action is so common that they even create a type of plastic bags called sandwich bags and they are normally made from plastic to ensure the low costs and match the idea of being single used. This is where the pollution problem comes from. One bag for sandwiches, one bag for fruits, one bag snack, etc for your lunch at work or school. Time this number with the number of days you have lunch at work. That would be an equivalent of thousands of plastic sandwich bags being thrown to the landfill per year for one single person for one item alone. It is daunting things to think of, but this is not impossible to change.

Let’s save, don’t waste!

Majority of the times, these bags can be easily reused instead of wasting as they are mostly to carry dried food. Therefore, why you refuse to reuse what is still working well? On a side note, these plastic sandwich bags can be easily replaced with reusable one that you can self-made from fabric and your beginning skill of sewing.  

Otherwise, I have another option for you, it might look the same, but they are made differently. Store Eco Friendly provides compostable and reusable bags with sizes that are perfect for snacks and sandwiches. They are made from compostable material, which would make them completely disappear after 12 to 14 weeks of disposal. That is even before the orange peel to break down completely!

You can stay guilty free while enjoying the food that is kept in our sandwich bags. One more little secret, the majority of Store Eco Friendly are from New Zealand small businesses. We believe support small businesses while protecting the environment is a strategy that New Zealand can stay sustainable economically and environmentally. Come and shop with us to ditch those plastic products once and for all of your sweet home. Turning your home is never that easy.

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