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Reusable Paper Towel!

Reusable Paper Tow

🌿Compostable is really good but reusable is even better 😉
DIY : Reusable Paper Towel

💚Bring the jars and create some space for this new habit
💚Label Them: 1.Light Duty / Reusable Tissue 2.Used and need to be wash
💚Cut some old clothes or find the old tea tow, put in the first Jar and start using it ! Wash them once a week or fortnightly depends how dirty it is 😊

That’s it ! Easy Right! 👌🏻 .
So now you don’t have to worry to buy that much of the white paper tow as much anymore💚

🌿✔️New Habit, ✔️Cost-Saving, ✔️Waste Reducing 🌿

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