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Reusable Make-up remover: Remove your make up and your waste.

Wearing make-up is something that most women do daily. A fun fact that not everyone knows: if you use sun cream, you are recommended to use make-up removal at the end of the day before using facial cleansers to wash your face to make sure that the sun cream won’t be left on your face afterwards and causing pore blocked and eventually pimples – a nightmare of everyone, especially female. Also, applying skincare products by using cotton pads is normally recommended as it helps the products absorb better. Therefore, one thing for sure, you use more single-pad cotton pad than you ever notice. I did a small experiment myself, I found out that when I wear heavy make-up, it normally took me like 6 – 8 pads per day to clean and apply skincare to my face. Try this yourself and let us know in the commenting section about your result.

Unfortunately, like any other single-use products, single-use cotton pads are unlikely to be recycled or reuse, they are not designed to be anyway. They are quickly ending up at landfill after a few wipes on your face. With the consumption rate of single-use cotton pads, millions of them are wasted and thrown away per day and lied underneath the ground for a much longer time is it is used for.

Let’s reusable cotton pads be a hero to stop this problem. They can last up to 12 months before you need to change for a new one. It substitutes a few hundred single-use cotton pads and solves the problem quickly. I know it also means you have to start getting us to wash them after use, but this is not a difficult thing to do at all, trust me.  

To wash eco-friendly cotton pads for reuse is very simple and straightforward: treat them like a normal piece of light clothes. Put them in a mesh laundry and wash them in the washing machine with our light-coloured clothes on a warm wash (warm wash makes it more likely for clothes stain and dirt to be clean off) with a gentle detergent and leave the pad dry naturally. Once they are dry, they are ready to be reused again. Otherwise, you can wash them yourself under warm water and rinse it off a few times to dry it. One quick tip for you, you are better to rewash them as soon as you finish using them.

If you are on a quest for your new reusable cotton pads, stop it now and you have found it right here with us. Store Eco Friendly offers eco-friendly reusable cotton pads that are perfect for your daily make-up removal and applying skincare products on your skin after. By reusing cotton pads, you have saved your money from buying a bulk of single-use cotton pads every now and then and reducing the waste you dumped to the earth. Let’s use reusable cotton pads to wipe off the waste on the planet surface.

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