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Eco Dish Washing Brushes 101

There are many ways of cleaning your dishes. However, sponge tends to be called the filthiest place in your house because of how easily the disease-causing bacteria can grow due to its moistness. Therefore, a dish washing scrubber can be a better option in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. After all, you don’t want your family or your guests feeling sick or running to the bathroom after having a meal.

If you are never use a dish washing scrubber before, don’t worry because this blog will give you all you need to know how ace using a dish washing scrubber from the first trial:

Change their heads regularly: after a while of using your scrubber or even your sponges, there will be food or diets stuck on them which would take ages to fully remove or they just simply can not be removed. In that case, having a spare replacement head would be ideal. When it comes to how long that you should replace your head, each person has a different opinion, some said 2-4 weeks, some said longer or shorter. To me, it is really up to you to decide that because it depends on the frequency of use, how well you keep it and etc. A rule of thumb is that once you feel like it is not doing its job perfectly, probably it is time for a change.

Hang them up: this is to ensure that you eliminate any chances that bacteria can grow on the scrubber bristle while being able to fully dry it.

Clean after every use: remove any stubborn food debris and particles. If there is residue oil sticking on the bristle, add one to two drops of dish washer liquid and rise it under hot water. 

Disinfect once a week: this action is to ensure that your dish scrubber won’t harbour any bacteria or develop any unpleasant order. A mixture of home products like vinegar, lemon juices and just soak them for roughly an hour or longer before rinsing thoroughly in warm water. Let them dry and get ready for the next use.

Choose eco-friendly dishwashing brushes: Eco-friendly dishwashing brushes tend to be more reliable than those cheap plastic ones. Your handle won’t break half way of the washing and drives you mad. Plus, once you finish them, little to no waste is added to the landfill. Remove dirts off your dishes and wastes off landfill.

If you are interested in getting a dish washing scrubber, check out eco-friendly wooden dish washing scrubber that has no plastic at all. Made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, which means no extra waste is added to the landfill. Plus, once the bristle wears out, you can just simply replace the head. Unlike other dishwashing scrubbers, our eco-friendly scrubber head is designed to be easily clip on and off the handle for a replacement. Put the used head in the compost!

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