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Plastic-free lunchbox 🍱

For some people, changing lifestyle means turning your life upside down with buying a bunch of new things, which might be costly to some people. Don’t worry about that because we will give you a few suggestions on how to make a lifetime investment that will eventually save you some money. The trick for this is that reusable is everything. 🍀


🍴 Have you ever thought of packing your own lunch to work? Eating out seems to be an easy option as you don’t want to waste time preparing for them up in the morning and do washes afterwards. Despite how discouraging it might sound, bring your own lunch has its own perks as well.


It saves you some money. 💵

Oh yes, who else doesn’t want to save their money? Let’s think about this, by not eating out, you would save around $10-$15 per lunch, which is approximately nearly $4000 per year. That is actually a lot when you work that out. If you are having financial difficulties, this will be one of the areas you might want to look at to cut down first.



Instead of having to stand in a queue and rush eating to make it back to the office in time, which is not good for your digestion at all. You only need 30 – 60 seconds heating your lunch in the microwave and *ding* it is ready to serve.


It’s healthier. 😍

And yes, it’s indeed healthier than the fast food you can grab from McDonald's or KFC. Even when you have a decent lunch in a restaurant, it is likely to be more than what you need for a lunch and still contain a high level of fat and sugar compared to a homemade lunch. If you are on a diet, packing your lunch would help you manage the number of calories you get in per meal. 💪🏻


Teach you new skills 🤓

Ahh, yesss. Packing lunch might look simple but to become a pro in this aspect, you would learn quite a few things: shop planning, storing food, how to cook different dishes and so on. Learning these skills would make your life become way easier and might help you impress others.🤩


But what lunch box should I buy then?

The answer is visiting our website www.storeecofriendly.com. We offer a wide range of stainless steel lunch from tiffin style to single deep one that is perfect for lunch packaging. Made of stainless steel so these products will last a lifetime, becoming your lunch bestie forever. Plus, you can re-purpose them to be used as food container at home as well if you want. Turn out becoming an eco-friendly consumer is not that difficult and costly at all. Let’s us help you out with this.

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