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Lipsticks: A girl’s best friend

Sometimes, lipstick can make you confident and ready to rock your day. It brightens your face and probably demonstrates your personality and gout. However, every year, makeup brands produce a massive amount of waste that can be recycled, mostly coming from its packaging. And we can do this better!

When talking about becoming zero waste or more environmentally friendly, often or not, people will do some soul – researching around their kitchen, bathroom to see what can be replaced with more eco-friendly alternatives. Therefore, people often miss out an Easter egg called lipsticks. I am sure that most girls own at least 2 to 3 lipsticks and with some, this number can time 10 or 20. Yes, they are gorgeous; they make you feel confident and pretty in everyone’s eyes and your own eyes. But under the scope of eco-friendly avid, they are little trash litter. Majority of cases, those commercial lipsticks can be recycled even when you try to put them in the recycle bin, they are still eventually destined for landfill. Believe me or not, around one billion lipsticks casings are thrown away every year, ending their life in the landfill, and have to wait for another few hundred years to degrade completely. 

What can we do better?


Choose eco-friendly lipsticks! There are more and more brands offering eco-friendly lipstick for you to choose from, with a vast range of choices and colours. All you have to do is to google them up, and less than 1 second, they will provide you with all you need with full options. 

Why eco-friendly lipsticks, how can they help to solve the problem?


Often, they would be made from eco-friendly or natural ingredients with zero-waste packaging that help you protect and show respect to the planet. That means less waste will be dumped to landfill.

Not to mention, they usually are better for your health. Since they are made from natural ingredients, they will have to be under stricter rules concerning being able to claim nature and eco-friendly. That means it would not contain paraben or toxic substances that would negatively affect your health in the long run, such as cancer, fragile immune system and allergies. Help you remain to have healthy lips that still glam in their natural form. 

Let’s turn green is the new colour of lipsticks by choosing eco-friendly ones today!


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