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It's a no for plastic straws!

The concern about the increasing disposable, plastic single-use products being overused and contaminated our mother nature is alarming. We have talked about how to remove single-use cutlery in the previous blog. Let’s not miss out plastic straws in this list as this is one of the commonly used single-use items as well. Before trying to solve this problem, let’s have a look to see why straws become so popular in the first place. There are several reasons why people like to drink from straws rather than sipping from cups, but I have highlighted a few key factors that everyone would quickly notice:  

Avoid having ice clink for those who have sensitive teeth: your teeth no longer have to touch the cold liquid or even ice directly.

Avoid stains: remember times when you drink coffee from sipping and have a line of coffee stains on your lips. These problems are solved by using straws. Especially for those who are wearing lipsticks, using straws would avoid mussing up lipstick after drinking.

Comfort is another reason why people like using straws to avoid having to lift up cups that are freezing or hot, or heavy to hold up too. This is especially true with kids.

Safety: it makes it less likely to spill your drink from a lidded cup with a lid rather than an uncapped container.

Burn yourself: when using a straw, you tend to consume a smaller amount of beverage rather than having a sip. This would avoid you from burning your lips or tongue when drinking hot drinks.

Because of these benefits that straws provide to consumers over having a sip yourself, more and more people are using them to drink beverages, especially when eating out. This adds up concerns about unnecessary waste of plastic straws. Although more and more places are switching to paper straws, though it is better to produce paper, humans are still cutting trees. Therefore, having a reusable metal straw would solve the problem of adding waste to environmental and cutting trees. Having a reusable straw in your bag means you are always prepared. Also, metal straws avoid adding weird taste to your drink and make you feel like wasting your money. Metal straws are easy to clean, and metal doesn’t attract and contain bacteria as much as plastic or paper straws. Paper straws or reusable straws not only nail its job perfectly but also beautify the planet by reducing wastes there on its face.

Soon enough, carrying and using a metal straw will become second nature and a norm in future when more and more people are aiming for a greener lifestyle, just like bringing your own bags. If you are not having one yet, get one today. Together, we can significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic waste, producing daily and make your life less reliable on plastic. Make every day a plastic-free one.

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