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How to prepare for an eco friendly dog walk

As the sun shines the majority of the day, outdoor activities are more preferred, in which giving your four paw buddy a walk is a lot of people choses to do on a daily basis. But have any of you thought about how to have an eco-friendly dog walk because such small activity like that can still produce a fair amount of waste that you probably never notice? Becoming an eco-friendly dog walker is actually not that tricky as you think. We have simplified it to some things you can prepare to do before, during, and after the dog walk to make it the greenest most sustainable dog walker ever.

Always Carry Poop Bags With You

As pet owners, especially dog owners, it is not a new thing to have to carry a few spare poop bags with you. Now all I ask you to do is to choose eco friendly sustainable pet supplies. Just have to be eco consumers to achieve a green eco friendly dog walk. A pro tip when purchasing for your dog walk, choose compostable poop bags. They work exactly and probably look the same like plastic bags but won’t in the landfill as long as the plastic one does. 

Natural Ingredient Dog Sprays

A doggy spray is a must to freshen your buddy before and after going out for a walk, especially during summer time with heaps of outdoor activities. Remove the stinky annoying smell for your buddy and for your house as well. To stay eco-friendly, choose all-natural doggy spray to ensure that it comes in a reusable environmental-friendly packaging to minimise the waste to its slightest.

Shop Eco Friendly

An eco friendly habit starts with an eco friendly mindset when purchasing to cut down your waste even before you create them. By surrounding yourself with sustainable products, you will be more likely to switch to  greener habits day by day. To become an eco-friendly dog walker, let’s shop with Store Eco Friendly. We proudly provide eco-friendly products supplied by local small businesses in New Zealand. By supporting us, you not only support the reservation of our nature but also the sustainability of Kiwi’s economy.

All the above mentioned products are available in our online store. Get them sorted for your dog before the next walk today.

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