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How to choose the best reusable masks for yourself?

Wearing a mask gradually becomes a norm to Kiwi to protect themselves and family during Covid-19 crisis. However, this norm causes a new environmental concern as more and more people wear single-use masks, this means thousands of masks will be thrown away daily that could eventually destine to the ocean. Also, it is not economically friendly as a pack of 50 disposable masks can cost up to 100 dollars, which is ridiculously unaffordable to some people. Using reusable masks becomes an eco-conscious option to save your pocket and the earth.

Let’s find out what would be a perfect reusable mask for yourself? 

What are the best reusable masks?

Cotton: although any cloth material would be able to help you to get a reusable mask but cotton stands out as one of the best options for better ventilation and traps less of the moisture that gradually builds up due to breathing and sweating while wearing for a long period of time. Plus, fewer ugly pimples will grow because of this.

Elastic ear-trap: as you sometimes have to wear a face mask for a few hours per day so having the strap around your ears can hurt it terribly. Choose an elastic one to reduce the pressure on your ears.


How to wear them?

Find a comfy one that can cover from the top of your nose – just below where the glasses should sit and up to the end of the chin. Though it is good to have it tight, it would be best to leave some between your face and your mask to breathe comfortably and to avoid hurting yourself.

Bonus tip: for those who are wearing glasses, wearing a mask is potentially not a fun experience at all especially because of how easy it is for your glasses to be fogged up while breathing when having your mask on. To deal with this, you can use demisting spray or shaving foam. What I normally do when wearing a mask to have my glasses sit on top of the mask to create a bigger gap for my breath to go out without fogging up my glasses. Try this out and say goodbye to the foggy view.

Bring more than one: It is best to bring a few clean reusable masks with you as once the mask is wet due to the rising moisture level when breathing, it’s no longer useful.


How to clean them for a reuse?

It is best to wash your mask at least 60 degree Celsius, using normal detergent to kill all the gems or viruses that might be on it. Dry them inside out then they are ready to be reused. More important, wash them frequently!


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