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Reusable cloth, why not?

Single-use products are mainly made for convenience purposes, and they tend to be more environmentally impactful than reusable products. Though it is made from paper, the environmental cost is still very pricey. Paper products made up of one-quarter of landfill waste. Though it only takes 2-6 weeks to fully decompose that is still too long compared to the amount being added daily. Plus, papers are made out of at the expense of cutting trees, which decreases the number of trees around the world as it takes years for trees to grow while it only takes minutes to chop them off. This worsens the amount of carbon dioxide and the global warming situation around the world.


Probably, using paper products is not that eco-friendly like we think. A more sustainable alternative should be switched to. Paper towels are commonly for cleaning purposes. Before paper towels are invented, humans were used to using a cloth to do those things, and it is probably a good time to go back to the traditional way.  Using reusable cloths would cut down the significant amount of paper towels’ waste. However, it requires extra work to be done for reusing it, which is washing. The key to being an eco-sustainable change is accessibility, which is the primary reason why we use single-use products in the first place.


Equip clothes everywhere that you would typically put paper towels around the house, such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry so that you are prepared to use them when needed.


Remember to have a few of them available since you have to rewash and wait for them to dry. Having some spare ones would encourage you to ditch paper towels once and for all.


On average, during the lifespan of cloth, it could replace 10-15 rolls of paper towels, meaning fewer trees would be cut down and maintain refreshing our already polluted air. However, one thing needs to bear in mind while using clothes is to choose the naturally made one otherwise, they would end up taking like a few hundred years to decompose entirely, which is against the whole purpose of using reusable products.


The purpose of reusability is to cut down waste and allow existing waste more time to decompose before new waste being added. That is how you efficiently remove all the debris that has been dumped by humans.


Using reusable clothes would be a better eco cleaning option by being environmentally and economically sustainable with one condition: use clothes are made from natural and renewable materials over the synthetic material.


If you feel like that is too much to remember, let us remember that for you. Store Eco Friendly offers 100% natural and renewable made dishcloth, also known as spruce, that comes in different designs. Not only help you save the Earth but also help you decorate your house. Be an eco-consumer and local supporter by shopping with Store Eco Friendly.


This is the last blog during plastic-free July, and I hope that you have learned and found out something helpful or any motivation in your eco journey. I hope this would be a good start to turn every month to be plastic-free. Together, let’s bring back the green of our Earth.

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