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Eco-Friendly Tips for a Green Christmas

Back To Basics In Sustainable  Christmas

Our environment need not suffer because of Christmas. With a little effort and work, you can reduce the negative environmental effects of the holiday season. Here are tips and ways on how you can take advantage of the festive season this year while being mindful of your decisions and actions taken towards the environment.

The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a season that is over the top in every way. Excessive energy consumption, intensive planning, packing, and gift-giving, as well as food production, don’t you agree? Truth be told, our bodies, the environment, and our bank accounts all take a hit during the holiday season.

Yes, it is a joyful and loving situation and you can still have fun while being more considerate of the resources you are using if you do it all with awareness. Let us help you with this.

In this blog, you will find the Ultimate guide to celebrating a sustainable christmas this year with easy to follow tips.


Eco-Friendly Gifts: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

A great approach to show someone special in your life that you care about them and that you're concerned about the environment is to give them an eco-friendly gift.

 Planet first

“This Christmas you have the power to choose to save planet & Mother Earth.”


Choose from thoughtful, environmentally friendly options instead of something that will undoubtedly be thrown away in a few months. What does it mean to be

"sustainable and eco-friendly" exactly?

"Sustainability and eco-friendly means using Earth’s resources in a way where it isn’t damaged to the extent where our future generations won’t be able to meet their needs”. Everything that you tend to do today, has a greater impact both positively and negatively tomorrow.


Hence, when you chose to buy gifts for Christmas this year  think of the below:

  • How will the gifts add value to your life if you can’t think of any most probably you don’t need it."
  • Learn about how products are being made to understand the impacts of the products on our environment.
  • Study, read labels, and research if the products that is being offered in the market are reusable, sustainably sourced or made from recycled or repurposed materials.


This will help you become aware of how you spend every $ dollar of yours.


Eco-Friendly Gifts in Store Eco Friendly

Here are top 3 of our favourite Christmas gifts that will be favorites for whoever’s on your list!


For Him & Her

DIY - Pottery Kits Mug, Bowl, Vase, ($ 75, Store Eco Friendly)

DIY pottery kit for gift


No prior experience is essential, and it's absolutely kid-friendly, this DIY- Pottery Kit is a creative Christmas gift. There is an option of following the directions provided or going your own route. Sounds fun and meaningful isn’t it? 

Eco Picnic Bundle ($ 75, Store Eco Friendly)

Picnic set 


This great Eco Picnic Bundle set can also be reused in separate items in your day-to-day life and can be the perfect gift set for someone on your list this Christmas. This is a low waste and reusable product! This is an eco-awesome gift option.


Organic Cotton Reusable Bags (On Sale at $49, Store Eco Friendly)

 Eco Bags with Veggies

Organic Cotton Reusable Shopping Bags are a family of 7 Bags. One can never leave home without them! Our multi-purpose reusable organic cotton bags help make the switch from plastic easier than ever. This is one fundamental reason to choosing this as your Christmas gift this year. Get the sale price today!

Checkout our online store under new and gifts section to get an idea of the gifts you can buy for your loved one and friends this Christmas.


Shop eco today for exciting gifts this Christmas.


Here is What You Need to Know About Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

This year, use these eco-friendly Christmas decorations instead of plastic ornaments. 

1.Wrap gifts by using paper bags, brown wrapping paper, newspaper, or cloth.

Eco Gift wrapping

Ditch plastic and prioritise sustainability to wrap your gifts this year. For ideas, and inspiration you can head over to Pinterest. Through this way, you can minimise your impact on the environment, cut down on waste, and even improve your family's Christmas celebration experience.

(Image courtesy: Etsy New Zealand)

  1. Handmake your own eco-friendly Christmas ornaments!

Nature provides us with plenty of seasonal ornaments. Choosing to decorate your Christmas tree organically makes greater sense. You will save money, lessen the amount of plastic in your home, and help the environment are part of the benefits.


You can use:

  • Dried fruits and make a chain out of it to wrap your tree
  • Collect seashells as an ornament
  • Hang hand written cards with motivational quotes, special messages for your loved one with their names on it
  • Reuse your old decorations
  • Clip on family photos
  • Origami is also a brilliant idea


  1. Think and create original.

Think of baking healthy cookies or cakes to decorate your food table for guests. Put together a fruit basket filled with locally grown products instead of boxes of sugary treats and chocolates. This stage takes planning, some research for inspiration and you can include your family together instead of striving solo. It is more fun! 


Shop eco today for exciting gifts this Christmas.

We hope these ways and tips will help you make better choices Christmas. Our entire team from Store Eco Friendly wishes you a safe, happy, and most importantly a green Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!


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