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Eco-Friendly Cleaning routine: yes or no?

Due to Covid-19, people are staying at home more, especially during the lockdown. Staying at home means home-cook food all the time with your family. Baking is the most picked activity for Kiwis to go through lockdown time and cleaning is the second picked. Is this just me or also you that you feel like the number of dishes you need to wash during that time is overwhelming? It feels like there are always dishes in the sink even when you just finished washing them like 5 minutes ago. I remembered washing dishes three times a day when during the lockdown and still felt like it was not enough to clear off all of them out of the sink. 


Since this is something that everyone can relate to this year due to the pandemic, why don’t have a chat about how you can DIY some eco-friendly cleaning products at home using what is already available at home? Keeping your house green and clean is actually not that difficult.



Lemon is the all-time famous natural cleaning product as it has antibiotic and antiseptic qualities. Therefore, it is commonly used to clean off germ on items by wiping the lemon slice throughout the product then rinse it off. My favourite application of lemon is to clean the microwave. To altogether remove the smell of the microwave as well as it stains, leave a bowl of lemon juice and water and boil it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Leave it for another 5 minutes then start cleaning.


Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is always my favourite lifesavers when it comes to removing stains on clothes and my greasy, oily hood mesh filter, or even your smelly carpet. For the hood mesh filter, boil it in a mixture of baking soda and water. The oil stain in the mesh will be gone in no time. 


White vinegar

White vinegar is another non-toxic natural lifesaver in your house. It is safe to use while still doing the cleaning job entirely. The most favourite applicant of vinegar is to clean the fridge surface as you don’t want to have your food accidentally contain residue chemicals from commercial cleaning products. Try to use white vinegar instead. Simply use a cloth dampened with vinegar to wipe off the surface. 


For those who are too busy to try this out, getting an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner would be another option. These are made with the environment in mind. The ingredients are naturally based, containing no nasty chemical that would affect your health or the earth negatively. Also, the packaging is made to be recyclable, minimising the amount of waste to the lowest point. If you are interested in getting one for your house, visit StoreEcoFriendly. StoreEcoFriendly handpicks different, environmentally sustainable cleaning products that are proudly New Zealand made. It is Kiwi who knows Kiwi best.

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