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Easy small action to be Eco Friendly

Ocean Pollution


We talked about the importance of water for our health and about ocean pollution yesterday. Even though water covers more than 70% of the planet, freshwater, the water we drink is very scarce. Many parts of the world already suffer from severe droughts every year. In other regions, the water is not sanitized, and people may suffer from water-borne illnesses.

Therefore, everyone who has running water at their apartment or house should feel very lucky. We are not safe from drought in New Zealand either. The 2019-2020 summer season was especially dry, and the whole of North Island suffered severe meteorological drought (1).

 Turn tap water off

Every small action counts and can have a significant cumulative impact. It is essential to turn off the water every time it is not in use. To help the environment, brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush  and toothpaste that recyclable or reusable glass packaging, and turn off the water while not actively using it.


Every minute almost 8 liters of water flow from a faucet. If you brush for 2 minutes twice a day, nearly 6000 liters of water are wasted per year. All it takes is to remember and to make one slight movement with your hand.


Eco Dish Brush set

If brushing teeth can save 6000 liters per year, imagine how much water you can save if you use it wisely while washing the dishes! And to multiply the good deed, swap your plastic sponge for a sustainable dish brush set made of natural compostable and healthy materials.

If you live in a house, you can take it even further and install a greywater filter system to reuse the water from the sinks for watering the plants in the yard or garden.

Water is the most critical natural resource we have. We must protect and cherish it.

"Less Plastic More Love - For People and Planet"


Credit Photo : Naja Bertolt Jensen , Jacek Dylag , 

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