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Compostable: A solution for plastic pollution?

Welcome back to the series of eco-friendly material where we will have a conversation in about one eco-friendly material that we can easily found in the market. For those who are new to the blog, we are running a plastic-free July blog series, in which every day (except Wednesday) we will talk about different aspects of becoming eco-friendly. Ok, enough of side-talk, let’s back to our topic of the day – eco-friendly material.


When going out to buy eco-friendly products, quite often do we see the word compostable that is advertised on eco products. Today topic is all about compostable and let’s see if this would be a one and for all solution for the fight against the dominance of plastic crisis?


Despite being used a lot on eco-friendly products, not everyone knows what it means to be claimed as compostable. So what does it actually mean?


According to my research based on different internet source, compostable indicates the ability of a product to disintegrate into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil. This typically must occur in about 90 days. The compostable material doesn’t fully disappear. It leaves something call humus, that is nutrient toward the growth of tree and plants. Plus, it break down easily despite external environmental factors.


So this is the moment of truth. Would compostable products help us solve the environmental problem causing by plastic. The answer is no. It is not the solution but it is a good direction to take.


One tip for those who are new to compostable material is that compostable products work better than traditional plastic products in terms of being used as food cover or containers as traditional plastic can’t be recycled if it was used to cover food while compostable one can. That would be a good starting point for you if you are struggling with finding a spot to start with using compostable products.


It is crucial for yourself and others to be educated about environmentally friendly products. It means that more people are aware of what is good and not good to use in order to protect our environment.


Together we can create positive change to our environment. Get yourself and others educated to make the right decision and become eco-friendly consumers.


 You can get yourself today by consuming compostable products instead of plastic made products. No need to go anywhere further because you are at the right place to start. Storeecofriendly provides a wide range of products that are compostable, which you can easily find the alternative solutions for your daily choice of plastic made ones. By purchasing eco-friendly products from us, you have already done your bit to preserve the beauty of our environment. How easy that is.


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