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Christmas eco-friendly gift ideas for oversea family and friends

Once Halloween is over, it is Christmas shopping time! Family and friends from overseas are always the top of the buying list to make sure it gets there in time. There are so many things you will have to consider to make sure it can pass the custom check and won’t cost too much money for posting. More importantly, the gifts you choose would bring joy to your loved ones. Especially in this year when you can’t make it to see them due to the border restriction. These gifts would be the best things to show your love and care. Having said that, choosing gifts is never an easy task to take during festive season and if you are in that situation, this blog is dedicated to save your Christmas gifting nightmare.

We have selected a range of best popular eco-friendly light gifts to send to your friends and loved one living all around the world.

Tea Towel + Spruce Sets: Oh yes, tea towel, one of the most popular gifts to send overseas. You can’t go wrong with sending a tea towel gift set to your loved one as they are super useful. For this year, why not pair them up with another super star - Spruce. They come in a matching set with different patterns to choose. Be festive and be useful at the same time. One more bonus: they are super eco-friendly and durable, which will make them for a long time, probably till the next Christmas.

Tea: Another tea-related product and nothing can be more tea than a pack of tea. Unlike New Zealand and Australia, the rest of the world is slowly shifting to winter time for Christmas. It would be snowy and FROSTY. Nothing better to give yourself a cup of tea to refresh your mind and warm yourself up to kick off a new day. Therefore, sending tea would be a mindful gift to show your love and care to your loved ones’ wellbeing.

Pom Pom Keyrings: Another popular go-to gift for Christmas - Fun, Fluffy, Festive and Light. They can sometimes work as a stress ball as well. A multiple-purpose within a decoration item. It just simply makes everything around it look much better. Finding your keys would be much easier with a pom pom keychain hanging onto it. Plus, it holds a reusable bag with it, so no more oh-no i forgot my bag. A perfect gifting idea for someone is forgetful like me. Available in a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

Food Storage Bags: Another light-weight eco-friendly gifting solution that helps reduce the unnecessary plastic food wrap - the dominant way of storing left-overs. After Xmas celebration, there would be a heap of food needed to be stored inside and maybe outside of the fridge, requiring a more than normal number of food containers. Therefore, this can be a realistic solution to solve the problem of leftover food after the celebration. Plus, these silicone storage bags are much harmless to both human’s bodies and the earth compared to those plastic containers under high temperature. Caring for your beloved people and our mother nature with this small meaning gift.

Up here are the recommendations I have come up with to relieve your Christmas shopping task. If you are interested in any mentioned products, they are all ready to be sent to your door within days. Just place an order and wait for them to arrive. Let’s embrace the green colour of Christmas with our sustainable gift ideas.

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