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A zero-waste Christmas

Every time Christmas is coming, overbuying is a common act. The more the better but it also causes some headache problems with how to be able to store them all at home, especially in NZ, it is summer and flies are just literally popping out of nowhere when there is food around. Today's blog is all about how to stock your food for the festive season.

  • Clear your storage: making up as much space as possible before adding new stuff in. Finish all the leftovers to create as much additional space as you can. 
  • Plan your menu and shopping list: This tactic only works when you stick to the plan! I know it is tempting to buy extra to ensure that you don’t run out, but don’t worry, supermarkets only close for 2 days. Don’t overbuy because you will end up regretting it really soon afterward. 
  • Learn how to store food properly: for this tip, it needs more than a few lines to explain how to store food properly to ensure they are placed properly and won't waste any space of your fridge

  • Defrost your freezer: this would help you eliminate any space taking up by the redundant unnecessary icy blocks.  
  • Freeze and Fridge: This would help longer than fresh time for the food.

  • First in first out: Remember to eat the oldest food before eating newer cooked food to make sure they all eat up before being stale or rotten.

  • Prepare extra food storage bags and products: These will be later useful for storing leftovers safely and separate things out to avoid mixing this up. Choose eco-friendly products made from silicones or biodegradable material to avoid the possibility of leaking harsh chemicals to your food, causing adverse effects to your body and reduce carbon footprint, which are already likely increased during the Christmas time.

Be a smart and eco-friendly consumer to achieve a zero-waste Christmas with no food or plastic thrown-away. Store Eco Friendly proudly stocks a wide range of food storages or food wraps, which are made from sustainable eco-friendly material. Support us in the journey of reserving the green of our Planet.  

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