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Charity Tea

We can definitely feel the cold coming in the past few days, the rainy just me feel a little bit blue. Lucky it's long weekend so we can have some little extra sleep in and relax for a day. 

It so important to look after yourself specially in this season of changing, the change is not only the weather but also with the situation around us as well and greatly looks like everything just get better and better!

Some Tips we would like 5 things to share to you , preparing mind body and soul to be ready for winter coming.

🙌🏻 1. Wash your hand.

🏃🏻‍♀️ 2. Keep Exercising.

💧 3. Stay Hydrated

🛌🏻 4. Rest up.

✍🏻 5. Stay positive and write gratitude.

Thinking about Warm Tea for extra hugging for self-love and make some for your love 💕 ?,

our charity tea range is the tea that nourishes. As well as nourishing you from the inside out, Charity tea also helps nourish children in New Zealand and overseas.Check us out! 😘 . here charity tea  x

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