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Zero means hero.

Have you ever have a look around your bathroom and count how many things you are using are packed with plastic? I did and the number surprised me. Try that yourself and you might be surprised as I do. That’s why I create a series called zero waste bathroom dedicated to helping you and your bathroom reduce any plastic waste if possible. Remember, zero waste doesn’t mean completely get rid of plastic but try your best until we can find a substitute for it.  


Let’s talk teeth.


A year, one person uses around 4 5 toothbrushes, which is an equivalent of 20 millions of thrown-away toothbrushes a year in New Zealand. Unfortunately, the majority of them are plastic made toothbrush, which means they would stay in the landfill for the next 1000 years before being able to fully decompose. During that time, millions of millions of other toothbrushes would be thrown in the landfill as well.


We need to change this! Simply by changing to an eco-friendly toothbrush. I know many people like to use the term zero-waste toothbrush but it is still a controversial topic as the claim of the biodegradability of the bristle from different brands might mislead people for it to easily decompose within a short period of time while in fact, it is not. Not to mention, not all of us have the luxury of time to do research about the material that businesses are used to manufacture their bristles. In my opinion, as long as we strive to look for something to replace for the plastic, even a tiny change still counts. No effort should be underestimated.


But don’t let your wooden toothbrushes feel alone in the full-of-plastic bathroom, find it a partner, a zero-waste toothbrush holder that is normally made from bamboo as well. This would be a fancy swap for your old drink holder or a plastic container.


These two small changes of yours actually going to save around 300 plastic toothbrushes to be thrown into the landfill. You should be proud of what you have done for the environment by shifting a small consuming behaviour.


If you are looking a place to get in this new eco-friendly habit, Storeecofriendly gets you covered. Just look at our website, you will find all the products you need to turn your bathroom to become an eco-friendly one. Simply by clicking www.storeecofriendly.com and explore your options. Our team is always around to give you a hand so keep in touch.

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