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Shopping Bag: More than a must

Since last year, New Zealand has banned single-use plastic bags, which becomes a big milestone for Kiwis on the journey to reduce the number of waste Kiwis producing to the earth. If you are not in New Zealand 🇳🇿, it doesn’t mean you have to wait until your government change its policy, you can start to make the change today.  Changing to shopping is always a good start for becoming eco-friendly.


😢 Single-use plastic bags provide convenience but when that convenience implies a significant negative impact on our mother nature, a reusable shopping bag would be a good solution. If you are looking for more reasons why you should do have at least one reusable bag to be able to sacrifice your convenience, let me help you with that.


🌊 Ocean Pollution

Majority of single-use plastic is destined to the ocean after its short-lived lifespan, which can cause a nightmare to ocean living animals. I am sure that we are all familiar with images of innocent poor animals died of mis consuming plastic and we are responsible for that. Using a reusable shopping bag would save you around 100 to 700 single-use plastic bags a year. Imagine how many animals would be saved by that. A lottttt.


💪🏻 Durability

Reusable bags are generally made from eco-friendly material and they are supposed to be reused many times, also means that they would be strong enough to carry heavy things like laptops, grocery items and the list goes on. There is no more of having your bag handles fall off and you drop everything and make a mess on your way home from the supermarket.


🛍 Fashion

Instead of having a boring mundane look single-use bag given by the shops, you can use your reusable shopping as a way to present your personality. With more and more people shifting to use reusable bags, this market flourished in recent years with an abundant number of new design with different sizes coming out every year. Hence, there would be no problem for you to choose a perfect one for yourself.


💵 Save Money

As a movement of cutting down plastic waste, more and more places are charging money if you ask for them so bringing your own bag would save from spending this. I know what you are thinking, it also costs you 50 cents per bag. As I mentioned above, one person can use up to 100 to 500 single bags a year. Time that number with 50 cents, it would be roughly $50 to $250 saved yearly. That is more than enough for you to go out and have a decent dinner with your friends and family. Why spend that on single-use plastic bags when you have better things to do with the money?


This month we celebrate Plastic Free July, it is a perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself and be a part of this and choose to say no to all single-use plastic bag by having a reusable bag for yourself. Storeecofriendly has a family of 7 reusable bags coming in different sizes for multi-purposes, which is perfect for every occasion. Visit our store now and to make a difference for yourself.

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