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Shampoo Bars: A transition for better hair

We have heard a lot of about the benefits of switching to use shampoo bars instead of bottle commercial shampoo or conditioners such as zero-waste, easy to carry out for travelling, last longer, natural ingredients so it better for your health, etc. However, rarely did they mention about the transition from commercial chemical shampoo to a shampoo bar. This absence might freak some people out when they first start trying shampoo bar and thought that the shampoo bar is not designed for them and decide to change back to the commercial bottled version.


It is just a normal thing that happened because your hair is so used to using chemical shampoo and conditioners for 10,20 years or even longer. Just think like this, just imagine yourself when being thrown to a brand-new place that you have never heard of before. You are more likely to experience a culture shock, and the fact that your hair is acting funny after the switch is simply that it is experiencing a culture shock as well. Give your hair a while to get used to its new buddy, let them get to know and get along with each other.

There are a few tips we can provide you with to make your transition easier and smoother.

Change your hair washing routine: the weird feeling you have might result from the residue shampoo bar left on your hair because shampoo bar is a solid form while standard commercial is liquid, which makes it harder to wash off when you applied it directly to your hair. My advice to you is either rinse your hair thoroughly, more than you usually do with the bottled one. Or you can try to use a sponge to create foam instead of applying the shampoo bar directly to your hair. This idea would avoid the residue of shampoo after wash.

Hard water: using hard water is also a probable reason that causes your hair acting funny when switching to a shampoo bar. Hard water contains a whole lot more minerals compared to soft water and makes it hard to form a good lather to clean your hair with the shampoo bar. It is likely to cause the solid shampoo bar to be left in the solid form while you wash your hair, which would result in a low level of cleanliness compared to liquid chemical shampoo. It is best to use soft water to solve this problem if this is what frustrates you to use a shampoo bar.

At the end of the day, changing to an eco-friendlier lifestyle would cause some frustration and confusion at first, but it is the same for everything. Remember the good reasons behind this transition to motivate yourself to keep up with this and form good eco habits for yourself and family.

Together, we can create a difference. Store Eco Friendly is more than happy to offer you a hand in your eco journey. We provide a wide range of shampoo bars and conditioners coming from New Zealand supplies. Supporting local and protecting the earth at the same time, it is like the best of both worlds. Shop with up to show your support.


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