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Shampoo Bar: A small change with a significant impact.

Shampoo bar might be a new term for some of us, but it is a popular item among backpacking enthusiast and recently, eco-conscious consumers. Shampoo bar used to be a standard before the birth of shampoo bottles. However, the domination of bottled shampoo might change soon as there are more and more people decide to go back to this old-fashioned product to take care of their hair. Let’s have a look to see why shampoo bars are rising again.



As mentioned earlier, shampoo is great for travel. Its tiny light-weighted design is definitely a pro tip to save up some weight in your already-full luggage or bags. The best part is, they won’t leak. What can worse than opening your suitcase to realise you’re your shampoo has gone everywhere?

If you are not a travel avid, shampoo bars are just simply handy with its tiny size compared to shampoo bottles. It would be helpful if you have a small bathroom where any inch counts.


Value for Money:

Though she be small but fierce. On average, a 100gr shampoo bar can last 80 washes or sometimes more than 100 times if you have short hair. That is typically more than a standard commercial shampoo bottle.

Most of the shampoo bar ingredients are eco-friendly, so they are not chemically harsh on your scalp. In fact, they are quite nourishing as well so you might able to skip using conditioner. And guess what? That’s one more bottle to save! Yay. What can be best than being environmentally conscious and budget-conscious at the same time?



Shampoo bar comes typically in a recyclable/ reusable tin or sometimes nothing but the products themselves. This reduces the impact that shampoo bottles have on the environment and make you one step closer to green living.


How to use?

For newbies, you might look at the bar and don’t know what to do with it. This section is dedicated to you guys. With experts, it is always good to check your knowledge. Using bar shampoo is actually super easy.

Step 1: Wet your hair and the bar. Slide the bar from root to top 3-4 times

Step 2: Lather shampoo into hair and it starts foaming.

Step 3: Rinse and follow with conditioner if needed.

With these three steps, you now master how to use shampoo bars.


Finding the right shampoo bar for yourself might take up a bit of time. But you know, good things take time. Store Eco Friendly offers a wide range of shampoo bar that is 100% and New Zealand made. And we are here to help you to find your right shampoo bar. Come and have a chat with us.


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