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People always said eyes are the window to the soul but often we forget that lips are where two lover souls meet. Hence, there is no excuse to not taking care of your lips to make them stay fresh and moist, especially when winter is knocking on every door in New Zealand. However, commercial lip balms can be harmful while it, in fact, needs to protect your lip to make it stay healthy. Not to mention, the packaging of them is mostly made of plastic. It is a big no-no to both your health and to the environment. To avoid that, an eco-friendly lip balm can help you keep your lips healthy and keep the world a better place.


Everyone should know by now what is a lip balm and what does it do for your lipstick? Despite its commonality, not everyone knows how to apply lip balm properly for it to work at its best. Today blog would be a quick run-through of how to use lip balm properly


Use it before applying lipstick

Applying a layer of lip balm on your lip before lipstick would create a smooth supple base on your lip. Therefore, your lipstick will be easy to glide on a hydrated lip and create a more even look in terms of colouring.


Don’t overuse lip balm

 Lip balm can be habit-forming which might cause overuse. Through using lip balm is good for your lips but it doesn’t mean that you should overuse it. Only apply when necessary, normally during dry seasons or winter where your lips easily become dehydrated and become chapped.


How to choose the best lip balm?

Avoid harmful ingredients

Avoid using artificial colour as they might cause lip irritation. Whereas, chemical substances like menthol, camphor or phenol can be factors causing further dryness on your lips


Look for ingredients that help moisturise and protect your lips.

Beeswax and ceramides are common ingredients that help hydrate your lips and keep it moist. Also, a lip balm that features SPF can help your lips avoid being sunburnt, dried out and cracked.


Finally tip to get fresh healthy lips are to exfoliate your lip skin once to three times a week as it will help you remove dead skins and brighten your lips.


Changing to eco-friendly products show your encouragement for businesses that believed in eco-friendly life and this would change big brands to shift to use eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Yay, it is a win-win. Till that points to happen, there are still options for you to choose from. Storeecofriendly provides different choices of eco-friendly lip balms that are perfect for you to carry around and use anywhere. Coming in different scents to choose from and they are all proudly New Zealand made.


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