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Plastic-Free July πŸ€

Hello July ✨

This is the first day of July, and I have a challenge for you! It is πŸ₯ *drumrolls* πŸ₯to be as much plastic free as you can.Β  Don’t worry if you are unsure of where to start with. This is why I have this blog dedicated to giving you tricks and tips on how to nail that challenge. πŸ₯°

Together, we will discover solutions and ideas to help you reduce, reuse, recycle plastic waste in your family and turn it to become an eco-home. 🏑


At Home 🏑

🌱 Carry reusable shopping bags: it is a must-have item now in New Zealand, especially when stores are banned from using a single-use plastic bag.

🌻 Shop local: Shopping local not only helps you show your support to local businesses during this crisis but also help cutting down the plastic waste that is used to wrap fruits to make them stay fresh longer.

🌸 Use shampoo or conditioner bars: they not only last longer than the plastic bottled version but also produce zero waste after use.

✨ Use natural cleaning clothes: this is an all-time favourite alternative for a single-use paper towel that during its life span can save you up 15 rolls of paper towel.

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Say no plastic wrap: alternatives can include bee wax, silicone made products and so on. They are all made from eco-friendly products and be reused over and over and over.


Going out 🧳

πŸ’§ Bring your water bottle: ditch the plastic bottle that only stay with you for a few days but stay with the earth for a few hundred years.

🍱 Bring your lunch container: save you not only some money but also some unnecessary plastic waste.

β˜•οΈ Bring your coffee mug: do you know Kiwis throw away 295 million single-use coffee cup a year. Imagine much we can reduce by merely having a reusable coffee mug.

🍴 Have your own reusable utensil set: No more need of asking for single-use plastic knife or fork. Yay, less plastic.

😎 Plastic-free suncream: Protect yourself from sunlight UV and protect the world from getting more waste.


ThoseΒ are a few things that you can do when changing to eco-friendly mode.πŸ€

I know it might be difficult, but it is feasible too. Just try one thing at a time, and soon you will become an eco-friendly guru and have a better life.😍


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πŸ‘ We always strike to look for high-quality eco-friendly products that are made in New Zealand to bring to you. Please give us a hand to support local businesses. If you need any help, our team is always around and ready to answer any queries of yours. 🀩

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