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Menstrual Stigma: why is it still a thing?

Can you believe that 3 out 4 of Kiwi women feel embarrassed to talk about menstruation? Though menstruation is a normal thing that happens to women but there is still a problematic stigma around this topic and it affects millions of women’s experience with period. It even more stigmatised than sex, drugs or STDs. This stigma started off with the fact that we, humans all agree that period is gross.

Period changes how women act during our red days and women tend not to openly talk about this in public, let alone letting others know when they are on period. In some cultures, women are banned from doing certain activities or even living in the same house with other members during their period days. Any sanitary products are still a rare thing to some parts of the world. I remembered watching a documentary called Period on Netflix where it stated that parts of India are not using sanitary products to use because of the undeveloped status and taboos around that area.

The message is clear that menstruation is always associated with something evil, bad and unhealthy when in fact, it is only a biological response from women's bodies for egg fertilisation. I truly believe that the reason why this stigma is still around even to this day is because of the lack of education and understanding of people around the world to have a correct understanding about it instead of having some faulty association carried out from the past. For us women, we need to empower other women who are still suffering from this social stigma to have the chance to define our own experience with menstruation. Instead of being feared or embarrassed about it, why don’t you choose to enjoy and embrace it like it deserves. Periods surprisingly bring some healthy benefits to women like reducing iron level, a determined factor in relation to stroke and heart disease, cleansing out toxins naturally and informs you about any health problems that you might have.

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