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🎋 When turning to an eco-friendly lifestyle, there will be a bunch of things you need to learn in terms of what is best, what material should be used or chose over plastic, and etc. Indeed, it is not easy to learn all these things at once. But don’t let it stop you from becoming an eco-friendly consumer. We are here to help you to answer all those questions one by one.


✨ When thinking of eco-friendly products, we always think of wood made, bamboo-made, stainless steel made products, but how many of us know why they are the alternative for plastic-free lifestyle? Every Thursday, we will have a blog post talking about eco-friendly material. To start off with this topic, let’s talk about bamboo. In recent years, bamboo has been called “green gold” in past years when more and more people are refusing to use plastic.


Why bamboo instead of plastic?
🌟 Highly renewable.

⚡️ A natural material that has antibacterial, anti-fungal properties

🌱 Biodegradable within a short period of time after disposal while plastic takes up 1000 years for that process to happen.

💵 Low-cost alternative due to its high volume of availability.

🦾 Durable material that will last a long period of time.


If we overuse bamboo, would this plant be instinct?

The answer is no. This plant has a superpower that allows is to grow quickly and sustainable to be planted in different environments.🦸‍♀️


What’s good about bamboo planting?

✨ Can grow quickly without fertiliser and pesticides

🎋 Can regrow to adult size within 3 – 5 years

⚡️ Can grow in different kinds of the environment (US, China, South Africa)

🌱 Produce 35% more oxygen compared to similar plants

💚 Help rebuild eroded soil

🍀 Never needs replanting.


☀️ In short, using bamboo not only helps reduce a massive amount of plastic waste but also encourage people to grow more plant around the world, especially when there is a lot of bare hill due to human overexploitation activities. This would be a futuristic solution for us and our generations to slowly get rid of plastic for good once and for all.


👍 All you need to do now is to swap and replace any plastic products change them to bamboo made products. But how can I find where to buy it? Easy, you don’t have to look elsewhere because Store Eco Friendly provides a wide range of bamboo-made products that are proudly New Zealand made. Let us give you a hand in your journey to have an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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