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How to teach your kids to be more eco-conscious

As global warming becomes more and more serious and obvious, eco-friendly actions should be taken by anyone, including the next generations. Thus, it is always a good idea to start teaching your kids to become eco-friendly from a young age. But how to do that? There are many different ways to teach your kids that and we have some suggestions for you.

DIY projects

Boost your kids creativity by reusing and recycling things to create a fun activity for you and your kids. Quality family time sorted! Keep them busy with creating things that you have never seen before and you can easily implement environmental lessons during the activity to help them to be aware of the importance of taking care of the Earth.


Spend time in nature

These activities will not only make sure your kids won’t just stay home during summer time playing videos but also teach them to appreciate nature and the living surrounding. Plus, it can be a good opportunity to teach them some survival skills. Get your kids out for swimming, hiking, fishing or anything that involves nature. We are living in such a beautiful country like New Zealand so why not show that off to your kids to make them proud of where he/she is from. 


Making a small garden that uses compostable products to teach your kids your compostable process of products in their after-use life. This would incline kids to choose eco-friendly products to benefit their small backyard garden.


Be a good example yourself

Actions speak louder than words. Kids tend to look up to their parents and mimic their actions so make sure you are a good example by having an eco-friendly lifestyle. Exercise whatever you teach your kids to make sure that just not only your kids but the whole family is doing your bit for the environment. Don’t just stand aside, get involved in your kid’s eco journey to make it more meaningful.


Choosing eco-friendly products

Teach your child the importance of smart eco purchases with a strong accent on being grateful for what they have. Have them accompany you in every shopping and familiarise them with different terms of eco-friendly products to know what to look for from products to ensure the minimum waste. What’s more, exploring second-hand shops can definitely be a joyful and fun time for the kids so don’t hesitate to take them with you and explain the difference you’re making.

If you want to shop eco-friendly, shop with us! We provide a wide range of eco-friendly products that are sourced locally from other New Zealand small businesses who are in a mission of reserving the beauty of our nature. What’s more, we have some kiddie products that would fit your kids perfectly. Get your kid on the right track to become eco-friendly today.

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