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How to keep your hay fever at bay

Spring is here and flowers are blooming everywhere but also means that pollen is everywhere in the air. For people who suffer from hay fever, this is an unwanted gift making them want to stay indoors to stop the pain. Here are some natural low-cost remedies that can help cure or at least reduce the irritation level of hay fever.

Home Cleaning: there is a term called spring clean because it is such a perfect time to get your house back to shape after a cold damp winter and freshening the air in your house. If you are a busy beaver, a vacuum and quick declutter would do to keep your house sterile. Try to keep the cleaning task to be something regular instead of a once in a lifetime thing. 

Drink Herbal Tea: Certain herbal tea would help reduce the level of reactivity of your body to pollen due to its natural antihistamine effect. Your go-to options would be chamomile, ginger, peppermint, elderflower and green tea. Plus, drinking tea would give you some other side benefits: hydration, better sleep quality. It is a win-win for you and your body.

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine that gives a fast relief response to the body reaction to allergy, in this case, pollen. My advice for you would be to add some rich vitamin food and fruits into your diet to increase the level of Vitamin C intake. Orange would be the recommendation that you hear all time when your body needs more vitamin C. Other options if you are a bit bored of orange are sweet potatoes, cauliflowers.

Self-hygiene: Regularly cleaning your face and your hands, when getting home from outside and probably keeping your shoes separately would prevent some unwanted intruder - pollen in your house. By doing that, you minimise the close contact of yourself with the teeny tiny pollen.

Honey: Honey is the most well-known natural remedy for hay fever sufferers as the bee pollen can help your body desensitise from reacting with other flower pollens. It is best to buy local honey as it would be extracted from the local flowers as those would be the same flowers that your body may potentially react to. Plus, it helps you support local businesses as well. Have an appropriate amount of honey intake in your daily meal and you will soon see the difference.

There you have it. Some quick natural tips and tricks that you can easily follow to keep the hay fever away this spring and summer. Enjoy going out with your friends to create some good memories. For those who are interested in getting some tea as a solution for hay fever. Store Eco Friendly offers a wide range of different herbal combinations that not only help you with staying away from hay fever but improve your general health.Two birds, one stone definitely worth an investment from you. 

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