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How to have an eco-friendly luggage for summer trips

Summertime is coming and it is time to plan your summer trips with friends and family. The least favourite part of going on a trip is packing. It always feels like an impossible mission to me and it would take me ages to finish cramming everything in my bag or luggage. I have learnt the hard way that the more you pack with you, the less satisfying the trip could feel. But how to pack light? Do you know tourists tend to produce a much more waste than a local? This is because we tend to buy single-use products to reduce the weight to carry around. But this problem can be changed starting from how you pack your belongings.

Here are a list of eco-travel products that help reducing the waste you produce while making sure your luggage is as light as possible.

  • Deodorant sticks: Going on a road trip means heaps of outdoor activities, meaning that sweating is inevitable. Having a deodorant stick is a MUST BRING item. Relatively speaking, the size of deodorant stick is much small and easier to pack and can carry on your handheld luggage to make sure you don’t bother others because your sweat.
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes + Travel cases: This combo keeps your toothbrushes safe from the rest of the items. Bamboo is a germ in for the fight against plastic with its sustainable resource and 100% biodegradable. 
  • Reusable make-up removers: Disposable makeup wipes are a lazy traveller’s best friend, but they are the environment’s worst enemy. Those single-use make-up wipers are mainly made from nasty non-biodegradable material, making them remain decades before fully break down. Therefore, reusable make-up wipes would be reused up to 1000 times and can be easily washed. More important, they are fewer to pack, saving you some precious space for other items.
  • Plastic-free period-proof undies: if you have a period during your trip. These products would save your red days. Work and feel like exactly like a normal undies and become a protective gear when your period visits. Easy to wash and light to weight so you don’t have to waste money on buying single-use sanitary products. Probably the greenest period product you can ever experience.
  • Conditioner and shampoo bars: These items just weight 100gr each in a solid form so it is super easy to pack them. Avoid you from having to store your ordinary liquid shampoo and condition in small plastic bottles to carry around. More important, avoid any unnecessary mess in your luggage if they leak. These products sourced from natural ingredients with no harsh chemical and leave no residue behind once finish.

Not only lightening your luggage, these products can save your money as much as possible for your trip to spend on something better. All of these products are supplied and made by NZ small businesses and available in our online store. Have a visit and get ready for your summer trips today.

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