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Give the planet a good morning

Having a cup of coffee is always a good way to kick off a good working day. It might be good for you but not a good morning for your planet. Every year, Kiwis throw away nearly 300 million single-use paper coffee cups and most of them cannot be recycled and end up being dumped to the landfill. Yes, we might need coffee but our earth doesn’t need our coffee cup. However, many people misperceive that they can be recycled and throw cups into recycled bins. That is a MYTH!! They actually can’t be recycled and if you still try to throw them inside the recycle bin, It can destroy the stream of recycled items and cause even more problems with recycling. This misconception is so widespread that in front of the recycling bin, they have to put the sign to let people know that they shouldn’t throw their coffee cups there. Hmm?? You see, to be able to protect the environment properly, you need to educate yourself and people around you to reduce harm instead add more pain to our planet.


What can we do now?

It can be difficult to ditch a single-use paper coffee cup but it doesn’t mean it is impossible if you insist. Recycling is a market itself, which means if no one is going to buy it, no one is going to produce and sell it. It is hard to get rid of plastic all in one go due to its popularity but we can do it step by step. Start with changing your habit with using coffee cups. Instead of using a single-use paper cup with the plastic lid, bring your own one. So it is not going to look the same. Remember sometimes they give you the wrong one because all the cups look exactly the same. This problem won’t happen again with reusable cups. They are normally made from stainless steel or glass, which allows you to wash them easily after you finish your last sip of coffee and help remain the heater for longer. I mean, no one wants to drink a cold stale cup of coffee, right?


Also, since these cups are made to be reusable, they would last you quite a long time. If you keep them well, probably, you only need to buy one and use it forever. It is a lifetime investment, why don’t do it instead of confusing yourself with what can and what can’t be recycled? Not to mention, more and more places try to encourage you to bring your own cup by giving a discount to those who do. Over time, you actually save more money than the money you spend on buying your own cup. Yay, more money to spend!

Where to get a reusable coffee cup?

Easy, literally every coffee place now offers reusable coffee cups at their counter, you just need to ask. There is one more way, is to shop with us. Since you are here, reading this blog, why don’t grab one for yourself now instead of putting it for later and remember about this why waiting in the queue for coffee. StoreEcoFriendly offers different colour coffee cups glass coffee cups that come with the silicone bit that avoid you from burning yourself. They are not environmentally sustainable but also New Zealand made. What can be best to support your local when showing love to our mother nature?

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