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Food wrap: Saves your food but hurts our earth

When changing to a more sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle, you have to change some habits that seem to be so common to everyone, such as using cling wrap. Around 100 years ago, plastic has been found and have soon become the most popular material to produce nearly everything, especially single-use products, such as food wrap. Food wrap can be considered as one of the things that can be re-used either by choice or by default because you tend to scratch it after use. Using food wrap is becoming so common in every household to wrap their leftover or even use to unclog the toilet. That is probably one of the most commonly wasted plastic items that you use daily. Cling wrap is not only a popular product for household use but also for commercial use. Have you ever gone to the supermarket and see vegetables or fruits being wrapped within cling wrap? It is because using cling wrap can help keep fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer and normally used for exported fruits.

 An environmentally sustainable solution must be found to solve this problem! We can offer you some suggestions:


Shop local is also a good tip to remove unnecessary cling wrap. By shopping local, you not only support local businesses but also cut down the demand for imported fruits, which eventually cut down the amount of cling wrap needs to be used.


Use jars to store food. They still remain the transparency element of the cling wrap and can be reused multiple times and reduce unnecessary use of cling wrap


Don’t make as much food. This solution might sound funny but it actually works. Only cook the amount of food that you need would avoid you from overeating, which is bad for your body and avoid having too much leftover that needs to keep in the fridge. Also, having food reheated over and over in microwave is not good for your health and it doesn’t take good either.


Buy alternative products: you are not the only who is aware of the problematic of cling wrap. Some entrepreneur has turned this to become a business idea and invent some eco-friendly alternatives such as compostable cling wrap, food cover, food hugger and so on. There are actually more alternative that you can ever think of. Just briefly google cling wrap alternatives and you will find a bunch of them online. But, one more problem happens, where to buy? Here! Yes, Store Eco Friendly offers a wide range of plastic cling wrap alternatives and all of them are from NZ small businesses. By consuming Store Eco Friendly products, you not only help to support the beauty of mother nature but also the growth of small local businesses in New Zealand. Let’s us be your partner on your eco journey to achieve an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

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