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Find a home for your soap

Choosing a product that is plastic-free, reusable, or bio gradable over a disposable alternative is an easy way to contribute less production of plastic. Normally an eco-product would have strong durability that would be able to last long. Although the price of an eco-friendly product is sometimes more expensive than a plastic version of it in the long run, it would be actually cheaper. However, sometimes you still be able to find cheap affordable eco-products that would cost you any more than the normal plastic one.


If you are bar soap loyalist, having a soap dish would mean a lot to your soap. Not only an easy way to show love to your soap but also means less cleaning need to be done for you. Remember times when your soap turns scummy and soggy after use and become a mess after a while. Cleaning that mess is such a pain, indeed. That problem would be solved once and for all when you give your soap a place to call home, a soap dish. A soap dish can help your lovely bar drain any residue water after use and dry out quickly, making it last longer. Do you know what that means? Less cleaning. Good for you and good for your soap. Plus, nowadays, besides doing its role of being a home sweet home for your favourite bar. It can function as a decoration for your eco-friendly bathroom. Nowadays, in the market, you can find soap dish coming different designs and shape, that would easily complement the overall look of your bathroom.


Because the soap dish is designed to use in wet environments like kitchen sinks or bathrooms, it is designed with safety in mind. Normally, a typical soap dish would be made from unbreakable, which make it have strong durability and probably last a lifetime. Also, it has non-slip surfaces and secure installation elements (wall mount, suction cup and etc) to keep the soap bar sit still in the dish and dry out quickly after use to avoid any mess.

Does that sound good enough to convince you to bring one home to partner up with your lovely soap at home?

Storeecofriendly offers different choices of eco-friendly soap dishes, either the one that can stick on the wall or put on the sink surface. No matter what you choose, they would be able to drain residue water on soap after use, having your soap dry to its end. To keep them look like new, all you have to do is to keep a nice clean wipe and voila, look like a new soap dish again. Keeping your soap tidy never that easy.

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