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Eco - Friendly Clothes Pegs

 We talk a lot about becoming eco-friendly and some people are afraid that changing to a zero-waste lifestyle would mean that they have to spend more when consuming. It turns out that changing to an eco-friendly lifestyle can help you cut down costs for some items that are unnecessary because of the reusability of eco-friendly products, such as clothes pegs. New Zealand is called a long white cloudland and it is also a very windy country as we are an island country. I am sure that you have broken a dozen of the plastic or wooden pegs in your life due to how strong New Zealand wind is. Yes, I know your frustration to find out that your pegs are broken, and your clean clothes are lying on the ground or even worse, lying on your neighbour’s house. Sometimes, if you use them for a long period, the colour from the plastic pegs or wooden pegs stains on your clothes, especially on your white clothes. Once these pegs are broken, they go with our waste to the landfills and wait there for a few hundred years before being fully degraded. And every year, millions of tiny pieces of plastic pegs are thrown away like that, adding up the number of wastes our mother nature and other animals needs to put up with. Earth is gradually becoming a giant dumpster for humans.

In recent years, more and more alternatives are being after to reduce the heavy dependence of humans on plastic and plastic products. The most two often choices that stand out are bamboo and stainless-steel pegs. If you are still wondering what to choose, this blog will hopefully help you with making up your mind.


What would be better? 

At a glance, they are both eco-friendly and serve the same purpose – reduce plastic consumption, which means they are and they both do not leave any stain on your clothes even after a long period of time in use. However, stainless steel pegs would be stronger compared to bamboo. It is so strong that you can even pass on to your children to do their own laundry at their house when they are older.



What is the difference?

Bamboo pegs often come with bamboo sticks and a steel spring. Therefore, at the end of the use, you can recycle the steel spring and compost the bamboo stick, which is nutrient for your plants.

With stainless steel pegs, all you have to do is to place them in the recycle bin as they are 100% recyclable. 

The price of bamboo pegs is relatively cheaper compared to stainless steel pegs, which would be ideal for people who have a low budget but still strive to have an eco-living style.

If you bring your pegs in with your washing these are perfect but if you leave your pegs on the line when you're not using them then we highly recommend our stainless-steel clothes pegs. 


StoreEcoFriendly provides both types of these eco-friendly pegs: bamboo and stainless versions on our website. If you are still confused, send us a text and we can have a chat to find out which works best for you. Our team is always here to offer help if needed.

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