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Eco Food Storage: Keep your food and the earth fresh.

It is best to cook enough for every meal to avoid leftovers but sometimes it means extra work needs to be done daily. Let's find out how to keep your food fresh and stay safe longer.


Storing food in the fridge:

  • Store all the leftovers in an airtight leak-proof container to keep them stay fresher for longer time. Also, it is best to store leftovers in clear containers so you will remember to eat them before they are going bad.
  • Avoid putting very hot food in the fridge, wait until the steam has stopped rising from the food before putting them in the fridge.
  • First-in first-out: this is the tactic I use all the time for my food to make sure the oldest get eaten first.
  • Don’t mix up cooked and raw food: storing raw food next to cooked food can cause the increase in contaminating bacteria and result in food-poisoning if the level of bacteria is high enough.
  • Cooked top, Raw under: Keep raw food under cooked food to avoid liquid from meat juices to drip down to cooked food and result in hygiene concern. Keep both raw food and cooked food sealed and contained to keep them safe in the fridge.
  • Storing milk in the centre of the refrigerator as the side door gets open every now and then, making the temperature fluctuate for the stored milk, which results in milk spoiling faster.

    Storing vegetables and fruits:

  • Keep them separate and into groups as fruits release gas which make its neighbour deteriorate faster. Especially with bananas, the gas it produces makes its neighbour ripe faster and then eventually mould faster.
  • Keep them in a dry space and don’t wash them: dampness makes fruits and vegetables rot and mould quicker. A cool tip that I like to use at home is to have a paper towel underneath to remove excessive moisture to keep it in a healthy level, keeping them fresh longer.
  • Don’t chop fruit, veggies until they are ready to use. If having leftovers, using the wrap or food cover to cover the inner part so it slows down the drying process of them.

    The rule of thumb is, as long the food is kept separated and sealed in air-tight, the longer time the food would last. However, plastic containers can produce harmful chemicals when storing food, causing some health concerns and they take ages to decompose. Let’s make a swap to silicone food containers! It does its role nicely and keeps you and your family healthy. More important, it keeps our Earth safe too! Store Eco Friendly offers a wide range of silicone food container products, proudly supplied for New Zealand small business, such as food containers coming in different sizes, food huggers, covers to keep your food stay fresh longer and you guilty free from contaminating the nature. Shop with us to keep your food and our Earth fresh.

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