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🌟December Detox 🌟

It’s December already , just like a blink of 2020 countdown in 30 days.
🤍It’s been tough and bless year for a lot of us. Let’s do the challenge for our mental for this last 31 days of the year.
Week 1 of Mental Cleanse Challenge is about self -care ( the topic I personally love 💕😁)
🌟set 2 goals you want to achieve in this challenge.
🌟pampering yourself for special treatment face or body.
🌟go for a walk for 30 mins
🌟journal for 15 mins
🌟go to bed before 10pm
🌟write 3 things you grateful for everyday
🙅🏻‍♀️Since we still in water restrictions I would skip the bubble bath 😅.
December always been the reset month for me to detox myself, myspace,myfinance,and mysoul. Let’s do this together it would be fun and meaningful 💕.
A Lot of love to you from Store Eco Friendly Team 🌿.
Thank you to The Tannchill Homestead & Blissful Brunette for idea and photo 🌟
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#mentalcleanse #mentalcleansechallenge

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