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Christmas Sustainable Pack - Charity Fundraiser (trashtalkgreen)

 Who, what and why?

Trashtalkgreen was created in effort to contribute to the UN Sustainability Development Goals. We consist of three students at AUT City Campus, who decided to challenge ourselves and combat goal # 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, goal # 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, goal # 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, which ultimately contributes to goal # 13 Climate Change. 

Our journey started with advocating through educating others on our own journey to reduce waste in our home, which led to connecting with sustainable businesses who already exist in New Zealand and abroad.

We reached out to ThirstProject; a not-for-profit organisation who provides clean, safe drinking water to developing communities, and EcoMatters; also a not-for-profit organisation in New Zealand, who works with and for local communities to establish and foster eco-friendly living through educational programmes, events, and facilities. 

We first made concrete planters to encourage people to plant a plant, and donate to the charities. It was our personal challenge to get into the community, be creative, and do something for the initiatives already out there. 

What now?

Our biggest challenge as consumers was finding affordable eco-friendly products. Some people simply dislike change, so convincing people to try something that's actually good for them and the environment was also a challenge. Everyone likes glittery, shiny and new. So we thought, how cool would it be if we received a sustainable gift pack for Christmas? Then we thought, how can we get local eco-friendly businesses involved? How can we also help these amazing charities?

This is when Store Eco Friendly jumped on board, donating a value of $144NZD of products to our cause, along with other businesses like Rethink, AoteaRoad, The Hutch Soapery, and Ecopompom. 

We were able to start a Christmas Raffle for $5 per ticket to win one of three prize packs. All proceeds will be divided between the two charities on the 18Dec19. Winners will be drawn on the 18Dec19. To find out more details of the actual prizes and how to get a ticket, leave a comment or visit trashtalkgreen.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Safe and Sustainable New Year xx.

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