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An eco-friendly menstrual cycle

A normal woman would use from around 5 to 15 thousand sanitary products within her menstrual life, and an overwhelming majority of them would end up in landfill and staying there for a few hundred years before being fully degraded. The exciting thing that causes its lack of identification as plastic waste is that it is partly made out of plastic and classified as medical waste. Little research has been done toward this problem, causing a lack of available information to the public. But that is still enough for us to understand its negative impacts of sanitary products to the environment.

 If you want to make a change, this is a perfect time for it. There are some available eco-friendly products in the market. Let’s have a look to see which one would suit your needs.


Period Underwear

These period panties are perfect fitting while managing to catch your flow without extra product needed. They give you a gentle feeling during your period while being kind to the earth as well. You just have to rinse and throw in a washing machine, and they are ready for the next use. I mean, don’t forget to dry them first. 


Reusable Pads

They work exactly like the disposable pads, with one exception: they are reusable! An average lifespan of a reusable pad is six months to a year, depending on the quality and your care to them. When they are ready to change, instead of tossing them to the bin, rinse them under water then toss them into your washing machine—a perfect eco alternative for those who are a fan of disposable pads like me.


Reusable Menstrual Cups

Just like tampons, these cups are inserted into your body to catch your flow. The only difference is that they are not absorbent, hence why it is calling a cup. You can empty and clean them properly before reinserting it back into your body.


Eco-Friendly Tampons

For those who are familiar with your current use but still good for the environment? A tampon itself is already quite an eco-friendly option; the only problem is the plastic applicator. Therefore, many new designs come with the tampon that you can use your fingers to insert. And Boom, plastic waste has been cut down comfortably with your fingers.


The characteristic feature of all these products are they either designed to provide a long service life to its user. These options will eventually save you money from having to buy new sanitary products every month. It helps you feel better when dealing with the menstrual cycle in a way that is more positive for themselves and the environment. 

If you are too fed up with finding these eco options in the supermarket or drugstore, why not shop with us. Store Eco Friendly provides a wide range of menstrual products that are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and sustainable. We understand the hassle you have to go through for your menstrual cycle, so have a rest and have them delivered to your house.

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