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Affordable eco-friendly secret Santa gift ideas

Apart from the Christmas celebration at home with your family, it is likely to have a prior Christmas celebration at work and in most of those Xmas functions, Secret Santa is a customary secret Santa part. With our affordable eco-friendly gifting ideas, I hope to help you ace this gift at your workplace.

  • Packed Stainless Straws: a fancy eco-friendly gift to help people say no to those low quality single-use plastic straws. Super easy to clean and come in a well-decorated packaging. Can’t say no to a gift idea like this when you are stuck. 
  • Soy candles: an eco-friendly harsh chemical-free product that helps lighten the mood and ease the users’ mind. Would both for main and female 
  • Sol cups: Having your own reusable coffee cups becomes a norm now in New Zealand to reduce the waste of single-use cups. Therefore, this would be a perfect gift for anyone, especially to people who like to drink coffee and tea. 
  • Beeswax Wrappers: beeswax can be an awesome gift for xmas time as it can reduce the amount of plastic food wrapping. Especially after xmas celebration, heaps of leftover food will need to be stored inside or outside the fridge. These beeswax will not only keep the food fresh and protect them from those annoying flies 
  • Natural Soaps: An affordable safe secret Santa gifting idea. If you are absolutely lost and couldn't care less about the gift. Soaps would be my recommendation to you. Due to Covid, the number of times we have to wash our hands is more than usual, which can dry them out quickly so having soaps with natural ingredients can prevent these drying effects from happening to our hand. Plus, they don’t produce any residual waste after finishing. Less waste to be dumped to the landfill

These products are all under $30, which match the budget range that most businesses would have for a secret Santa gift. They are available in our eco store. These green products are all supplied by other local small businesses like us. By purchasing from our eco store, you not only help us but other local businesses to continue our mission and journey of keeping the beauty of our beloved Earth.

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